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The Collective Impact Center is a community and coworking center for social entrepreneurs, nonprofit professionals and artists. By providing subsidized rent to members who elect to share their knowledge and skills with the community, we help all our members amplify their individual and collective impact.

Who We Are

We are social entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and artists committed to using our individual and collective skills to improve our local community. 

Our Mission

We empower impact makers to advance market based solutions to social and environmental community issues by providing physical space to share resources, skills and connections.

Our Vision

We envision an interconnected community of impact makers creating and implementing innovative market based solutions to large scale societal challenges.



Our members are not here just to work on their own ventures; they're here to support each other in their shared journey to create sustainable social change. By sharing knowledge, skills and connections, they empower each other to have a greater collective impact. In doing so, they create the foundation for our community and culture.


We believe that creativity is crucial to addressing large-scale societal challenges. We also believe that artists and designers play an important role in creating social change by challenging others to consider different perspectives and to come to their own conclusions. To encourage creativity and innovation, we’ve developed interdisciplinary programming that challenges members to "get their hands dirty" and work with individuals from across sectors to develop solutions to complex social issues. 


Our members’ voices matter, and we believe that when individuals work together collaboratively, their voices are amplified. At CIC, we create opportunities for structured and organic collaboration to occur by incentivizing program participation with subsidized rent. Members are also encouraged to share their ideas by leading their own events and workshops at the center.


We are committed to supporting our members’ efforts to create sustainable social and environmental change and recognize that existing community organizations need to be a part of that conversation. We strive to include existing community efforts in the solutions we help our members craft by inviting community organizations to participate in our programs, by featuring the work of local artists in our community spaces, and by highlighting community events in our weekly newsletter.


We believe that by curating a community of like minded individuals from diverse backgrounds, we can create a culture that challenges individuals and organizations to think about social change differently. We also believe that art is central to the creation of culture, and  that art and design can be powerful drivers of social change when paired with market based approaches. By providing artists, designers, social entrepreneurs, nonprofit professionals and members of other community organizations with opportunities to collaborate, we strive to promote the idea that creating social change must be a collective effort.

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