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Join San Diego's first social innovation community as a Social Ambassador. What is a Social Ambassador? The glue that keeps the Collective Impact Center together. The voice that connects members to one another, the ear that listens to members' needs, and the fresh ideas to breathe vitality into our community. Social Ambassadors are the first face people see when they arrive at the location, and their skills and presence set the tone. They excel in customer service, organization, communications, and problem solving. They’re connectors of ideas and people. They’re our frontline baristas for social change!

A​ Social Ambassador's Role:

Host – Be Collective Impact Center's (CIC) number one fan! Take visitors on tours of the space, prep meeting rooms, help organize and participate in community events and workshops.


Increase Efficiency – collaborate in think tanks to create value aligned programming for our members helping to improve Collective Impact Center’s flow and facilitate our mission.

Promote social media - engage social media platforms by promoting events at the Collective Impact Center.


Street Team Efforts - Providing outreach in the community by leaflet drops, recruit new members, speakers, events and workshops through organic networking.


During the term - ambassadors have a complimentary hot desk membership and an additional exclusive benefit to promote their own social venture by use of the center for one complimentary workshop or event at CIC’s faculty level space outside of hours of operation.


All events and workshops and related promotional material must have prior approval from  CIC’s VP of Operations.


Guidelines: Social Ambassadors have a one month minimum commitment, with up to 2 hours a week to be used for Collective Impact efforts.  Apply by emailing

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