Programming is the glue that holds the CIC community together. By offering subsidized memberships to community members excited about contributing to our programs, we are able to make sure the rest of our members have access to the knowledge, skills and resources they need to achieve their intended impact. You can read more about our three program offerings below. 


Skill Swap is a program designed to make professional skills available to our community members who might not otherwise be able to afford high-quality professional services outside their own discipline. For every hour of time contributed, participating members will receive a credit they can use to purchase time with other Skill Swap participants. Members participating in Skill Swap are asked to make at least six hours a month available to share their professional skills with other participating members and to hold weekly office hours open that will be made available to our entire member base. In exchange for participation, members are given discounted shared space or office space.

Participation Expectations:

  • 4 Monthly Mentor Hours: Host at least one office hour each week, open to all CIC members

  • 4 Monthly Skill-Swap Hours: Provide at least four skilled hours to other Skill Swap participants each month. 

Note: Impact Ambassadors are invited to participate in Skill Swap on an opt-in basis, if interested



The Discovery SWAP is the container that holds all of the workshops offered through the CIC. Champions participating in the Discovery Swap are asked to put on one workshop a month that will be free to members. Proceeds from community ticket sales will benefit the center. In exchange, Champions are given a discounted membership that includes access to event space they can use to hold their own personal events, for which they can set their own price points and get to keep 100% of the revenue.

Participation Expectations:

  • 4 Monthly Mentor Hours: Host at least one office hour each week, open to all CIC members

  • 1 Monthly Workshop: Host one free monthly workshop with an expected time commitment of four hours, including workshop prep



More information on PILOT SWAP coming soon!

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